Greatness is consistency

I keep a screenshot of this tweet by James Clear on my desktop as a reminder:

Every small consistent action, every failed experiment in pursuit of a breakthrough, every blog post with zero engagement on the way to your Pulitzer, every failed sales call on the way to your sales goal, all of it… they build on top of one another as you edge closer to greatness.

I’ve become a big fan of James Clear after reading his book Atomic Habits. His writing smacks me in the face with truths, some that I don’t want to hear, but need to hear.

So my takeaway from this tweet and follow-on action is to focus on consistency, even if it means atomic, tiny actions in order to build habits and drive toward the grander vision.

In that vein, I’ll be writing and publishing posts every day for the next month, even if they are short 150 word blurbs about something interesting I read while prepping a new side hustle. My goal is to build the habit of producing, preferably something valuable, and pushing out to the world.

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