Thanks for coming to my site, grindtoabillion.com

The title Grind to a Billion is part tongue-in-cheek part serious.

This site is the living document, the log of my business experimentation while I probe and test to find my next set of profitable business ventures and revenue streams.

This website is a living breathing record of my attempt to reach an idealized version of myself, in pursuit of a Billion. “A billion what”, you might ask. Well, a billion dollars, a billion clout, a billion happiness points… meh, I prefer to keep it vague and on the horizon. This is my journey toward progress.


My mission in life is to provide people with autonomy and freedom of choice. Right now, that means that my ideas and business ventures are centered around providing people with

  1. access to information OR
  2. “ai” enabled tools to provide them with personalized information based on their needs

Over the coming weeks, months, and years I’ll share more and more of this type of material on G2B.

Who am I?

I’m Mike Nemke and I’m an entrepreneur through-and-through.

Right now I need to exercise those entrepreneurial muscles. I’ve been in a corporate job for the last year-plus after spending the previous 5 years running my own businesses. While I’ve learned a lot from my time as the Director of AI & Machine Learning at the government consulting firm I work for, I feel like a part of me feels caged and needs to get out.

That’s all a little dramatic, I know. But it will resonate with someone reading this, and most importantly, it resonates for me. 

I plan to write at least one short post a day with longer, more in-depth, breakdowns of the business opportunities I’m pursuing and side hustles I’m testing out.

My background is relatively technical, but also very practical. I tend to cut through most of the bullshit and focus on the salient points tied to business outcomes. 

I’m part Data Scientist, part Marketer, part Automation Engineer, part Product Manager, and 100% hustler. In my past life, I was a Green Beret in the US Army Special Forces.

Shoot me an email if you’re interested in working on a project together, want to chat about data and machine learning, or there’s anything else I can do for you!

You can also find me on the following social platforms:

Onward and upward,